Buyer Information

In the past few years Gafni-Farms made it their goal to utilize our added value in the field of management, profosionalety, finance viability and location in the center of Israel, not far from the Air port and, to produce new, unique, niche market products to the flouriest market. Our goal is simple:

The outcome of this, is the fact that Gafni Farms is in an exclusive contract with some of the world leading breeders (each one in his own field) supplying us "stat of the art" exclusive varieties like: New Wax flower varieties from  Australia, New Calla Lilly varieties for growing in the winter time from Bloomz New Zealand, new Lizimacia varieties,  New Phlox varieties from Jan Phachoor and much more.

Most of these niche market products supplied only to a few selected buyers, on a direct contract, with a few possible way to work with us:

  1. Periodic deal – where Gafni Farms commit to supply the same amount of cut flowers, every week for a well known price. This kind of deal can last from one month to one year.
  2. Order In Advance (long term) – The buyer contact Gafni Farms asking us to grow for him any kind of crop, in a curtain length, weight, quality, colors, varieties, for a direct time for a fix price – and the buyer commit to buy it even if the price in auctions will be lower (usually in the winter time or the Holydays).
  3. New client, who doesn't know Gafni-Farms or do not want to commit with us: in this situation, he can contact us and we will direct him to one of our big buyers or any other way where he could get our products.

We are trying to build reliable relationships where both side have an added value:

The buyer gets his cut flowers fresher, with no extra fees on the way, and Gafni-Farms get to know her buyers better, allowing us to supply you the best cut flowers (constant feedback from the same clients allowing us to be better!).

Do you want to be our costumer – Please feel free to contact us  and we will be happy to reply you within 24 hours: