Tissue Culture Laboratory

Our medium-sized Tissue Culture laboratory mainly focused on the in vitro multiplication of cut flowers and foliage.

Gafni Farms nursery specialized in producing clean, quality and reliable "Mother stoke", for many flowers for specific customers world wide and acts as a research-partner in developing new protocols enhancing ornamental plant breeding.

Tissue culture techniques offer us a range of different approaches to establish a reliable in vitro protocol to multiply all sorts of plants. Our team is daily working on improving standard protocols, inventing new ways of production technology and implementing these to the ever-growing number of plants.

One of the most important factors in propagating plants from tissue culture is the quality of the mother plantation.

A mature plantation, which proved itself in terms of its crop, flower quality, health of suckers and being clean of bacteria and viruses is a guarantee to an elite propagation material for quality tissue culture plants.

Our techniques vary from single axilliairy plant reproduction to organogenesis and embryogenesis on callus from a specific range of plants.

Export: Gafni Farms Tissue Culture Nursery exports plants of all stages, all around the globe.