Breeder Information

A few year ago, Gafni-Farms made it their goal to be the leader in the field of Breeder representing for Cut-Flowers in Israel.

We came up with a presses which leave no loose ends / "close the loop" and promise both sides (Breeder and Gafni-Farms) a good profit, peace of mind and an atmosphere of trust.

Our stages in the prosses:

  1. Formal meeting with the client, getting to know the new variety and coming up together a "work strategy".
  2. Getting all of the required Phytosanitarian certificates  from the PPIS, in order to import the plant material to Israel (our Tissue Culture lab is an official Quarantine, if needed).
  3. Importing small amount of plant material and starting to work in both directions:
    1. Nursery – getting out "Mother plants Stoke" bigger.
    2. Field – starting to test the variety.
  4. Acclimating the variety to the Israeli climate and testing it's commercial potential.
  5. Establishing small test-fields at different locations in Israel (very different climate zones – very hot and dry/cold and dry/very humid ect + different kind of soils).
  6. Keeping close connection with the market in Europe, trying to make better quality products.
  7. Solving of the Post harvest and Transportations Problem (Air or Sea)
  8. Finding out first group of the best cut flower growers for commercializing the product + individual contract with each one.
  9. Collecting royalties from the grower – every period of time.

This is the "Full package". Not every breeder needs everything. We offer you a "Taylor made suit" so you will feed confident enough to trust us with your "Breeder rights".

Some of the Companies which trust us with their new varieties under Breeders rights contracts:




Do you have a unique variety that you believe could give the Israeli relatively warm climate, day length and very professional growers an added value – Please contact us, we would like to get together will you (full discretion is promised)!