Environmental Sustainability

What our farm does for making a better world for our children (sustainability):

In 2008, when the young generation, Moav Gafni, finished his university studies in Biotechnology Engineering, and started to work in Gafni-Farms, him made a big change in the company's perception of lowering our "Environmental Footprints" ant the whole conception of sustainability.

These days, Gafni Farms in one of the leading companies in this area within the cut flowers growers, with a motto of supplying safer products to our costumers and leaving a better world to our children. Some of the actions we do in our farm:

  1. All of our products are grown with "Euro-Gap" standard in mind. This ensures our customer fair management, well treatment to our workers, using only allowed pesticides, saving our water sours ect.
  2. Move into electric efficient, florescent based lighting systems.
  3. Using almost only Solar fumigation (with no chemicals at all) – the hot summer in Israel, allowing us use this high sun radiation in order to get the temperatures in soil as high as 60 degrees Celsius for 4-6 week, destroying most of the negative bacteria, fungus and most of the weeds (we need to use much less Herbicides).

We invite you to visit our Farms and see for yourself, our system of sustainability maintaining.