Our most funny flower :-)

Icelandic Poppy (Papaver nudicaule) – New cultivars from an Italian Breeder.

Great product, no more problems with vase life, fully opens.

You must try this in your home at least once – It let you fill like Spring time, even at the coldest days.

Supply time – November till April

Calla Lily season almost ends

Our unique climate, allows us to supply top quality Calla Lilies during winter time (December-April).

As we are almost the only suppliers during this period, all cut-flowers are sold by Direct Sales.

If you wish to get samples from these beauties – contact us.


Sweet Pea in full production

This is the first year we grow Sweet-Pea, and the resuls was amazing.

We are able to supply 40-55 cm beautiful stems, during January till April.

If you are interested in this product – Please contact us…